Work safely on both physical and cognitive skills.

Specific protocols Huber 360 Evolution for sports:​​

  • Running

  • Golf (European Tour)

  • Basketball (NBA)

  • Baseball

  • Tennis (Mouratoglou tennis academy)

  • Soccer

  • Surf/ Kite-surf/ Wind-surf

  • Fitness

Comparing the new HUBER 360® Evolution to the reference in cardio workout, RPM, the 2019 ESP-Consulting Study proved that HIIT workout on HUBER 360® Evolution:

• Does not raise your heart rate, meaning there is no risk for your health
• Helps burning +13% fat after 5 minutes of exercise
• Helps burning + 35% fat after 30 minutes of rest at the end of every session.

Session only at LBC Clinic

The First One HUBER 360 Evolution in USA


HUBER 360® Evolution is multiaxis motorized platform with force sensor, specific trajectories for each therapeutic indication, multi-directional solicitation and targeted recruitment.

It's neurophysical training from rehabilitation to sport health.

- Improve your flexibility and mobility.

- Increase your posture (dynamic posture correction) and your  balance.

- Perform a static and dynamic reinforcement.

- Improve your resistance.

HUBER 360® Evolution's programmes are adapted to everyone. After the assessment, the LPG® Expert selects the right exercise (target areas, intensity…) based on each person’s physical condition, for 100% personalised training. Upper body, lower body, core, cardio.

Huber 360 Evolution is a great complement to European osteopathic treatment and Endermologie treatment.

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